Dryer repair

Mesa Appliance Service offer fast affordable cloths tumbler dryers repair in Santa Barbara, Goleta,Isla Vista, Hope Ranch, Montecito,Summerland and Carpinteria.
We service all models of gas and electrical dryers, including residential and commercial, foreign and commercial, old and newer ones.

Brands we serve:
Kenmore electric dryer,Sears gas dryer, Whirlpool residential dryer, Kitchen Aid clothes dryer, Roper dryer, Maytag washer & dryer, Amanagas dryer, Speed Queen commercial dryer, Frigidaire or Electrolux dryers, LG or Samsung residential dryers, GE/General Electric gas dryer.

Need clothes dryer repairs? Mesa Appliance Service can help!
When you need clothes dryer repair , call Mesa Appliance Service for fast and affordable dryer service.
Whether your General Electric, Maytag, Whirlpool or Frigidaire dryer is not heating properly or it stops in mid cycle, our professional appliance repair technician will always arrive at your home whithin hours to fix it for you.

The single most important issue with your dryer is a clogged exaust went or improper installation, when the vent is too long or it has too many bends. Improper venting or a clogged vent will give the following results:
Long drying times, clothes are hot at end of cycle, dryer is noisier than usual, clothes still hot and damp after cycle ends, premature failure of heating element, motor or bearings.

The perfect exaust according to installation manual vent supposed to be as short as possible (no more than 20 ft), and be as straight as possible with no more than 4 elbows.

Is there a code on dryer vent lines, how long, how many bends?
The International Mechanical Code article 504.6 stipulates the requirements for Domestic clothes dryer ducts. In brief, the maximum length of duct permitted is 25 ft. This maximum length should be reduced by 2.5 ft for each 45-degree bend and 5 ft. for each 90-degree bend. The duct should be a minimum nominal size of 4 inches in diameter and shall have a smooth interior finish.

Some foreign brand like LG dryer or Bosch dryer do not have an exaust vent and get rid of humidity and lint through a house drain system.
So whenever your dryer takes too long to dry a load of cloths, ussually more than 45 minutes, it means that your dryer needs service. We suggest you to check the exaust vent first, and only if it is clean call a repair company for service. If your exaust vent is too long and goes through an attic or crawling space you need to hire a local duct cleaning company that has special equpment. Keep in mind that vent needs to be cleaned to prevent fires and save energy.

Apart from exaust vent which is strictly speaking not a part of your dryer, the most common problems are: thermostat, thermal fuse, gas valve coils, igniter, flame sensor, elecrical heating element or other parts. Ussually you need a servcie manual to know how to repair your GE dryer, Maytag gas dryer, Whirlpool electric dryer, Frigidaire clothes dryer or Kenmore dryer, to properly diagnoise the problem and order a right part.

If your dryer is noisy or does not tumble at all the possible issues are: belt, rollers, support wheels, slides, pulley, motor, blower.
All these problems are fairly simple ones and repair will not take much time and will not cost you a lot. Only a motor, a timer or a drum are expensive parts and sometimes it is not economical to put your money into futher repair.

Please call your local appliance reapir company at (805) 248 5707 and only for $29 we will diagnose and give you an estimate to fix your dryer,so you could make an intellegent descision whether to repair an old dryer or get a new one.

Here are some interesting facts about your dryer:

Q- Why don’t clothes dryers have Energy Guide labels on them?
A- Because the efficiency of comparable clothes dryer models is more or less the same, EnergyGuide labels are not required. However, you may want to compare the power consumption for the different models you are considering.

On the average, how much more will it cost to use an electric clothes dryer over a gas dryer?
Generally speaking, gas dryers are less expensive to operate than electric dryers. The cost of drying a typical load of laundry in an electric dryer is 30-40 cents compared to 15-20 cents in a gas dryer.

You may visit a local appliance store and check the operating costs of the model you are considering and find out the operating costs for both gas and electricity.

Q- Is it OK to vent a clothes dryer into a basement?
A- No. It is not recommended to vent dryers to an indoor space. The combination of moisture and heat can produce harmful mold, damage to walls and ceilings, and is generally unhealthy. Indoor vent kits should
only be considered as a last resort, and only used in a well-ventilated area.

Q- Why isn’t my dryer drying my clothes?
A- The dryer vent may be blocked, lint screen may be fully covered, or the heating element is malfunctioning.

Review our tips on dryer venting to be sure you unit complies. If your dryer vent is blocked, it is a fire hazard and it would be better for you not to run the dryer for an extended period.

If you are in Santa Barbara, Goleta,Isla Vista, Hope Ranch, Montecito,Summerland or Carpinteria and have trouble with your Kenmore gas dryer, Maytag dryer machine, GE electric dryer, Sears appliance dryer, Amana clothes dryer, Speed Queen commercial dryer, LG or Samsung dryers, Frigidaire or Electrolux washer or dryer please call us to make an appointment to repair your appliance.

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